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Classic Mac and Cheese!

Updated: May 24, 2021

Did you ever wonder how this dish from Europe became an American classic? Well

let’s take a journey back in time. During the 1800’s the third President of the United

States aka; Thomas Jefferson, was not only famous for many great achievements,

he was also responsible for creating America’s obsession with macaroni and

cheese. The first pasta and cheese recipes were written in the 1300’s in Italy. Are you

surprised? Eventually these recipes made their way across Europe and finally came

to the United States in the late 1700’s. Ever since then, the recipes have evolved and

many have created their own version of what is now an American classic!

Today Macaroni and Cheeses is as beloved as ever. You can buy it at a grocery store for a few dollars, make it from scratch, or order it in a fancy restaurant, topped with gourmet ingredients. There is even an official Macaroni and cheese day celebrated on July 14th. Kids and adults love it. It has become a staple in every American household kitchen. And it all goes back to President Thomas Jefferson, who helped turn a European dish into an American Classic!

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